Changing a VTF approach

In an earlier Tip I suggested always loading a full approach, with an iaf rather than Vectors-to-Final (VTF).  Then, if given D-> to an intermediate waypoint on the approach you can easily comply, but with a VTF that waypoint isn’t on your flight plan list.  


So you did a VTF anyway, and they gave you D-> to an iaf or other intermediate point before the faf.  Now what? First, you can ask for vectors.  Or, just go D-> as they instructed (do you have the chart in front of you so you know where that is and how to spell it?).  This operation doesn’t change your flight plan; you’re just not following it for the moment. 


Let’s illustrate with a flight plan from KCIC to KMHR (Chico to Mather, CA).  We anticipate the RNAV (GPS) 22L at Mather, with LPV minimums.  The flight plan to Mather is shown below, with a full approach on the left and a VTF on the right.  On this flight we chose the VTF transition to the approach.


LPV approach


Somewhere in the vicinity of Beale AFB (KBAB) we’re given D-> STNGR, which isn’t on our FPL list.  So push D->, select STNGR, then activate it. The map and FPL list are shown below. Your flight plan legs have disappeared from the map, but as you know the list of waypoints is still there.  In the title of the FPL is the current operation, D-> STNGR. But beware, when you get there you won’t sequence to another leg and you need to sequence by activating a leg or going D-> to a waypoint on the plan. 


Here, you have 2 choices.  As you near STNGR, which is on the VTF path, you can activate that VTF leg (which ends at VANCE).  Put a cursor on VANCE and select Activate Leg from the FPL menu.  Or, at STNGR, go D-> VANCE.


Go direct

If this is too many steps for you, or appears complex, your last choice is simply to reload the approach (PROC, Select Approach).  Now, choose HAGAN (north side of the course) or STNGR as the iaf. If you choose STNGR you’ll get a choice of adding the hold or not. Now, go D-> STNGR (cursor on it in the FPL, then push D-> and Enter).