Practice Approaches

If you preview the proposed flight on a computer sim (as discussed last month), or with your unit in a docking station in the comfort of your home, you’ll uncover any problems in advance and have an opportunity to work out solutions. Our flight is from Las Cruces NM (KLRU) to Deming (KDMN) and Santa Teresa (5T6) before returning home. The picture here shows the route without approaches, with the first leg active.


Round robin route


 There are several ways to handle the transitions from one airport to another, after doing single or multiple approaches at each one.  You could simply land at each airport, then put in the next plan before proceeding. This just turns the trip into 3 individual flight plans with an approach, which we’ve covered in previous tips.  Instead, assume you’re going to execute each missed approach and make each new plan on the fly (aren’t you going to be busy!).


You could start with a simple plan from KLRU → KDMN, add an approach and execute it as in the next picture below. The RNAV (GPS) 26 Tee approach was added, with the TOSOYIA at the center of the Tee.  After completing the approach, if you want to do it again execute the missed approach (don’t forget to push OBS to restore sequencing – turn out the SUSP light) and do the teardrop entry to the hold at TOSOYMH. Now move the cursor to TOSOYIA in the FPL list and go Direct to it, as on the figure (left) below.  You’ve now jumped backwards to the top of the list of approach legs and will sequence down the list to do the approach again.


Initial flight plan


If you want to do a different approach, say the VOR 26 with the DMNIA, push PROC and select an approach from the WPT page; select VOR 26, the DMNIA, and ENT on Activate?  When you pushed PROC it selected the WPT page for KDMN since that is the destination in your flight plan. That new plan is in the figure on the right (above).


But after your last approach, if you go D-> 5T6, what WPT page will show up?  The flight legs below (left figure) still show the enroute plan to KDMN and the legs for the VOR 26 approach there.  Only the title of this plan shows the current Direct-To operation.  Well, if you push PROC the WPT page for 5T6 shows up, as in the figure on the right.  Since your flight direction is aligned with the final course for the RNAV (GPS) 10 approach, select the SUSIQIA, refuse the course reversal, and Activate instead of Load the approach.  After this approach, or multiple approaches at 5T6, go D-> KLRU to go home and do a final approach.


Direct to the next airport


Finally, suppose you construct an actual plan around this entire route, as in in the figure below.  Can you now add approaches at each intermediate point?  Yes, but it’s slightly more complicated.  If you want to do approaches at KDMN and push PROC when you get closer, you’ll be offered approaches at KLRU since that is your destination.  So, in this figure (right), move the cursor up to the APT box at the top of the page and change KLRU to KDMN as shown.  But, suppose instead we go D-> KDMN as we did above for 5T6 when we wanted to do approaches there.  Will the WPT page now be for KDMN so you can select approaches at Deming? Yes it will! This is much quicker than changing the APT on the WPT page as just described.


Round robin plan


 So, this leads to a plan for doing approaches at multiple airports.  Put them all in a single plan as in the figure above, and to add an approach to the next airport, first go Direct to it.  Then call up procedures. Bear in mind that the approach legs will be added at the end of your flight plan, which goes to 5T6 then KLRU after KDMN.  But you can activate any intermediate approach and jump over all intermediate legs, either by using Activate Approach from the PROC menu, or going Direct to any IA on the approach.


 So is the logic any different using the GTN 750?  No, you can do this round robin plan and add each approach using the PROC function.  Then, enroute to KDMN, you will again get a page with KLRU identified, but by touching that box a keyboard comes up and you can change the airport to KDMN to select a procedure.  Or, on the way to Deming, go D-> KDMN then select PROC and the KDMN airport procedures will again be offered.


 But there is a 3rd method new to the GTN’s that’s best of all, and works for adding a procedure to any of the three airports on our Round Robin.  In the figure below showing the Round Robin (Active) Flight Plan, touch the airport in question and a pop up list appears that lets you load a procedure there!  So, after approaches to Deming, touch 5T6 and then touch Load Procedures and you’ll see the current GPS approach to Deming.  Touch that approach box and a new list appears, but now for 5T6!  Score one for the Touch Screens.


Approaches on the GTN750