Jumping Ahead in a Flight Plan

            When you add an Arrival or Approach to your flight plan, it adds those flight legs at the end of the Enroute plan you created.  This means that your sequence of flight legs would first take you to your destination, then on a new leg ending at the Arrival transition or Approach transition (unless you chose Vectors-to-Final), followed by the set of legs representing the procedure. Clearly, you wouldn’t turn around and go backwards per this plan, so you would have to interrupt this natural leg sequencing and “jump ahead” in your flight plan list to begin the Arrival or Approach.  In other words, you would skip a portion of your flight plan to get onto flight legs further down the flight plan list, and continue sequencing from there.

            There are only two options for doing this; going Direct to a waypoint further down your list, or making a downstream leg Active (if that’s appropriate).  If you’re on an IFR flight plan you don’t need to know when and how (by what route) to do this because ATC will tell you!  Alternatively, you might be given a vector off of your cleared route, but eventually you’ll have to “jump ahead” (go D->, or Activate Leg) to start or join the procedure.


Join an Arrival



            Here is an example based on an Arrival into Salt Lake City. The flight is from KBYI (Burley, ID) and the BEARR4 arrival has a transition at the Burley VOR. Note from the flight plan list that the Arrival legs are added after KSLC, that there is a “backwards” leg from KSLC to BYI, and that the first 4 legs of the Arrival overlap our Enroute plan between BYI and BEARR on V101. 

            So if cleared for this Arrival while between BYI and BEARR, just activate the appropriate Arrival leg. First, move the cursor down your flight plan list, into the Arrival legs, to the waypoint that ends the one overlapping your current path.  Let’s say you were cleared for the arrival just after passing NORDD, in which case you would move the cursor to BLIDA, then push D-> twice and accept it (or use “Activate Leg” from the FPL menu). 

            Alternatively, if you’re on course to OGD, you could go D-> BLIDA.  In either case you will have skipped the portion of your Enroute plan that went to OGD and TCH before KSLC.  Lastly, note that the Arrival ends in a 155° vector from DYANN, while the flight plan shows a leg between DYANN and KSLC, which is not correct.

            Next month we’ll deal with Approaches, which also require skipping ahead. There, jumping ahead has different options according to the various transitions you could pick -- airway feeders, IAF’s, and Vectors-to-Final.