Convert an Approach to Vectors

            In my last Tip I showed how to transition from your Enroute flight plan to an approach with Vectors.  There were three ways to make the VTF leg active.  Put the cursor on that leg in the Flight Plan and either push D-> twice, or choose Activate Leg from the FPL menu.  The third and fastest way is to push PROC and select Activate Vectors-To-Final? from the Menu.  This last method has an additional twist to it that the first two do not -- you can convert any full approach that has an initial transition, to a Vector-To-Final approach.


Convert to Vectors


            On the flight from KAPA to KBJC in Denver that we used last month, we load the full GPS 29L approach starting from ALIKE.  As seen on the map (top right) and from the Flight Plan (top left), a hold entry to reverse course at ALIKE is required from our direction. Even though you expect vectors, and in this case is more expedient, it is generally a good idea to add the full approach in the event the controller uses one of the approach waypoints to direct you. 

            When he later gives you vectors for the approach, say from the point on the map here (top right), simply go to the PROC menu and select Activate Vectors-To-Final? and the initial approach legs are eliminated in favor of a VTF leg to begin the approach (bottom left). 

            This is a LNAV approach, but Garmin has added a vertical component to the final approach course (FAF to MAP) for guidance and calls it LNAV+V.  Next month, our Tip will discuss Vertical Courses and the 3 different ways they are made, so that future Tips on vertical approaches can be better understood.